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Land NÖ p.A.Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Krems
A-3500 Krems, Wienerstraße 101

Tel: Schule: 02732/87516
FAX: 02732/87516/22

web : www.wbs-krems.at

Ansprechpartner : Direktor Mag. Dieter Faltl







Coming from the airport:

Drive in the direction of Vienna - them follow the sings to Praha (Prag). You cross the river Danube - then take the exit to Krems/Praha - A22. Before the exit Stockerau Nord (about 20 km) take the exit to Tulln and Krems - S 5.       Then follow the road to Krems 

As soon as you approach the city - count the traffic lights. 1st light - habour           2nd light - Landersdorf -3rd light - Krems Nord - Zwettl - B37 - take it!!

After about 1 km - take the first exit - Krems Nord - turn right at the light - pass the next traffic light - and then you will see the school on your right hand side (it is opposite McDonalds!)


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