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Land NÖ p.A.Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Krems
A-3500 Krems, Wienerstraße 101

Tel: Schule: 02732/87516
FAX: 02732/87516/22

web :

Ansprechpartner : Direktor Mag. Dieter Faltl







Coming from the airport:

Drive in the direction of Vienna - them follow the sings to Praha (Prag). You cross the river Danube - then take the exit to Krems/Praha - A22. Before the exit Stockerau Nord (about 20 km) take the exit to Tulln and Krems - S 5.       Then follow the road to Krems 

As soon as you approach the city - count the traffic lights. 1st light - habour           2nd light - Landersdorf -3rd light - Krems Nord - Zwettl - B37 - take it!!

After about 1 km - take the first exit - Krems Nord - turn right at the light - pass the next traffic light - and then you will see the school on your right hand side (it is opposite McDonalds!)


VB Emma Simlinger
VB Ingrid Stauffer
VB Kerstin Ruf  (dzt. in Karenz)  
VB Katharina Böck